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"By having all our financial information in one place, TrueXpro enabled us to balance our budgets for the first time and reduce our costs substantially." Aboriginal Health Services

"Switching to TrueXpro eliminated many time-consuming, manual jobs and enabled us to redeploy staff to do more value-added work. Equally important, it reduced time required to generate reports by 50%." Heritage Council of Western Australia

"For over 15 years, Firemain relied on TrueXpro for all our financial needs. Switching to TXP's paroll module saved us two days of work each week." Firemain Co - Fire Protection Equipment and Consultants

"TrueXpro's Records Management and Business Alerts modules have allowed us to keep up-to-date with regulations and ensure workers' qualifications do not expire." Easy Recruit Employment Services

"As a provider to the luxury brand retail sector, TrueXpro's Web Access Tools have allowed us to successfully and seamlessly conduct business and manage projects on a global level." ICI Design & Construction