Keep 'Em Safe
Not-for-Profit Software Making a Changing World Safer

Who is Keep 'Em Safe?

Keep 'Em Safe is a versatile team of highly competent professionals who are dedicated to giving back to our communities and have chosen to donate our time to help organisations who work with the children, seniors and the vulnerable. We have a passion to ensure the sustainable futures of the not-for-profit sector.

Our experience comes from many years of working with some of Australia’s largest corporations, government agencies and the not-for-profit sector.

We help organisations of all sizes to deal effectively with their challenges and improve the way they work. The expertise of our consultants covers a wide variety of disciplines such as event management, volunteer recruitment, finance, marketing and business administration.

Keep 'Em Safe Mission

The protection and care of those under your care through a unique program designed specifically to provide all the important "checks and balances" required to reduce and prevent the epidemic abuse and bullying of children, young people, vulnerable adults and the elderly.

What Makes Us Different

We start by studying your mission, vision and values, then move forward in collaboration between your staff, volunteers and our consultants. Your Keep 'Em Safe team is handpicked from our consultants whose experience meets the needs of your unique organisation. We develop recommendations custom tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. You’ll receive a final report that is a dynamic document, created specifically for your organisation..

As a not-for-profit ourselves, we share your values. We are sensitive to budgets, staff and other resource constraints. Our expert services are provided at a cost even a small not-for-profit can afford.

We are unique because our software is designed specifically with non-for-profit needs in mind.

To Whom Do We Deliver?

We specialise in not-for-profit organisations, especially those who work with children, seniors and the vulnerable.

The strength and well-being of local communities is heavily reliant on the massive contributions made by not-for-profits. We recognise how much culture has changed in recent times and the challenges impacting not-for-profits that are in the midst of significant upheaval and unprecedented calls for major reform.

Keep 'Em Safe is a vehicle for improved performance and viability of not-for-profits looking to ensure the safety and wellbeing of others, with respect and confidentiality.

Why Do You Need Us?

Not-for-Profit organisations are operating in a challenging environment, are under-resourced and are subject to complex legislation. They are under increased pressure to run the organisation and look after the people in their care. An effective management system will mitigate the complexities and risks facing not for profits.